Friday, July 2, 2010

Romance and Relationships

I was talking to my mom about this topic today and we think that the way you treat your partner really depends on how you grew up. And now that I am older and have had a few serious relationships their are certain things I look for in a man.
First, my ex boyfriend was a only child and his mom loved me. I was like the girl she never had, which was awesome because she bought me stuff and we always had a good time. However, looking back and seeing that I grew up with an older sister and younger brother I want someone who also had to share things, and live with people around his age. I would also prefer if a guy had a sister because I feel guys who have sister understand our emotions better. I say this because I watch my younger brother with his girlfriend. He almost is like to nice to her and I wonder if that is because my brother grew up watching my sister and I date guys and either get hurt or watch a guy get well.. played.
If you think about who you have dated and how they treated you look back and see what their family was like, did they have brothers and sisters, or did they do things alone? It really can be eye opening.

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