Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rape Awareness in college

College is a time to live away from your family and get to experience life without rules. Many of us party and drink and like to enjoy the night life in college. However many things are not brought to our attention as much as they should be. This being sexual assault and rape. As a freshmen we learn about drinking, and the buddy system but how much do you learn about what rape is and sexual assaults.
At my university and probably many others there are programs to make that aware but I feel as if I never heard when these pr grams were offered. I would like to make more college student aware of the situation that could happen and when to tell someone.
In my class lecture I learned that 1 in 3 women will experience sexual assault and 1 and 4 college women will experience sexual violence. And 13% of women in college have stalkers.
Many of these women do not report being raped or sexual assaulted because they don't know how to or are scared.
I was thinking to myself today if that were to ever happen to me I wouldn't know who to call or what to do. I would really like to be educated more on what is rape and how to go about taking steps if it ever happens.
I honestly believe that if we educate women freshmen year of college, they would be better off! I think it needs to be a mandatory 1 credit half a semester class.

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  1. Yeah I tottally agree like some universities have like College 101 there needs to be self defense and awarness class that college freshman need to take. Because I feel as if too many people think they could fend off someone or know what there doing, and this false sense of security has to be one of the biggest problems with college girls even at JMU.