Wednesday, July 7, 2010

White Privilege

I grew up with many privileges and at the time that I grew up we didn't have segregation. However as we all know their was a time were race was a big issue. Think back to your schools days; my best friend Jade was black but it didn't phase any of us. I am lucky to have grown up with that type of privilege; to be able to hang out with who I wanted to hang out with. Did you ever think that back in the civil rights movement how whites felt about blacks. If you were friend or tried to help the civil rights movement you were also looked down upon from your own race. It hasn't always been easy for the white men.
Looking at today society and how diverse we are there are many things changing.My management class at JMU had a chapter about diversity in the work place. Do you know that the fastest growing race is Mexicans and the second is African Americans. And in about ten years the white male will be the minority. Does that mean white men have to fight back for their rights? What about minority scholarships? Can white men and women apply for things of that nature? We also learned in that class that in ten to twenty years the people that are going to have the hardest time finding jobs is educated white men. Our society is changing. Women and men of color are the new change. Just take the presidential election. President Obama is now in office and we also had more women running or in office.
I am just curious to see how the white race or man will be treated when or if in fact they do become the minority. I also think its sad and sick that our society still looks at color as a social standard. Yes President Obama is black and that is exciting for history but he could've been purple or yellow or blue as long as our president can do his job and keep our country safe I don't care what color or race he or she is!!

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