Wednesday, July 7, 2010


How does one define disability? Well I define disability as being different in a sense that certain things are more of challenge but not an excuse. I have had a disability from the time I was in first grade. I am dyslexic and have a slight reading comprehension problem. When I was younger I was always ashamed and would cry because I couldn't read as well or write as fast as my classmates. But it only made me work harder. I never really understood my disability till high school and into college. My parents taught me how to study at a early age and overcome a lot of my disability, which I think helped me out in the long run. Because I had to work harder for good grades and learned at an early age how to study, I actually had better grades then both my brother and my sister. I look at it like this, school was a challenge to me and with my competitive side I had to be the best at everything even school. Whereas my brother and my sister it came easy to them so they just breezed by but not really grasping study habits.
I disagree with people who abuse their privilege and use having a disability as an excuse to get by in school. We are lucky to have disability services that can provide accommodation for us but people who abuse it just make the rest of us look bad.
Another things about disability is I do not look at fatness as a disability. I have a mental disability and yes I do get help, but I also worked to fix it so it wouldn't be as bad. I had to work at spelling and writing, just as much as someone has to work at running track or playing a sport. If you are over weight you need to help yourself and not look at your weight as a disability. If you eat healthy and exercise and still overweight then yes maybe it does classify as a disability but I think that if people who are overweight start paying attention to their body they will notice they don't need as much help as they thought.

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  1. I completely agree about fatness not being a disability. My sister has struggled with weight her whole life and as much as it has hurt me to see her struggle because of her weight I want to see her habits change. She does not work out and she does not diet, I get how people can get so down about their weight and not even want to do anything at all but there is an effort they can put into losing weight. With a mental disability there is nothing you can do to completely get rid of it, it is something you must live with the rest of your life but I see weight as something that you can control. I understand that it can be hard and it doesn't always come off easily but I have seen my best friends mom go from 250+ pounds and now she is 140 and she did not use any surgery. It is possible, challenging but possible to change your life and your weight.