Friday, July 16, 2010

What is a womens job?

This week was a long week at work for me. I had to do promotional stuff on the field for four games this week. During my week of work something happen to three of our girl interns. We had told one of the guys we work with that on this game we needed him to sale raffle tickets because we had certain jobs that we needed to get done. Well it turns out to this young man selling tickets is a girls job. Which is perfect because in our lecture we talked about problem of identity.
The one girl that happen to take the heat of this conversation stood up for herself and asked him what exactly is a women's job? This young man had no answer all he said was I am not doing it. I found this to be very offensive.
It gets even better!!! Later on in the same game, our GM which is a male, was speaking to us and he said "you girls are making this a big deal when it is not." We all turned to him and said yes it is a big deal. Then, we walked way and he decided to gossip to one of the baseball players and I quote from my GM," I would rather have all guy interns, there would be know drama, but I guess its good to have girl interns to have something to look at." Little does our GM know that he told that to one of the players that we happen to be best friends with.
This is not the first time the girl interns at work have had to stand up for our women identity. I have blogged about a problem before. But it makes you question what American men really think of women in the work force and in the sports field.

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