Friday, July 9, 2010

Hetero vs. Homosexuality

I grew up saying, "thats gay" or calling my brother names like fag. I never realized that I could be offending someone until I got to high school. I never thought anyone could actually like someone of the same sex but when I started playing field hockey things changed. All of my hockey coaches were gay and had partners and yes at first I was shocked, and joked them. But going to college and being around more gays it doesn't phase me at all. It doesn't matter who they like, their still human and they have feelings like everyone else. Some of my best conversations I have had have been with my gay friends. And because I have gay friends and their open about it with me I was free to ask questions. They gave girl problems just like I may have guy problems. I think its a pretty cool thing that people are gay.
I also think being gay has something to do with the brain. I grew up and have met a lot of twins. Two of my hockey coaches were twins which one sister was straight and the other gay. I also played hockey with twins where one sister was gay and the other one was straight. I am curious to see if their is something in the brain that splits with twins that makes one gay. Or I could be totally wrong.

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