Saturday, July 17, 2010

Marriage is not the solution to women's poverty

I don't think that the Preamble to 1996 legislation which is to reduce poverty vs. increase marriage is the right idea. The idea is smart but not the solution. In today's society it is hard enough to make a good earning and own a home, and having a husband or wife to help with the payments helps. However women who are under the poverty line don't need to find a husband, they need to be helped. I think they need to be educated and get back their self confidence.
If we focus on marriage I think it's setting the women up for failure. After watching my Aunt raise 4 boys by herself and waiting for her x husband to give her money makes me want my own life, job, house, and income before I ever get involved with someone. My aunt worked for her husband so she would go into work when she had time but her full time job was being a house mom. When she found that her husband had cheated on her she knew she had to move out but the fact she didn't have any money made her situation even harder.
How do we know that marriage will last and when it comes divorce time for a women who was once under poverty she will once again have to find money and time to go to court and be back where she started.
We need to teach young adults to be on their own and that being on our own is fun and fine! Forcing marriage is only going to make things worse.

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