Thursday, July 22, 2010

Policy Issue: Reproduction Rights

Abortion is one of the biggest controversial subjects in this country. I am pro- choice and believe every women has the right to her own body. What gets me upset is when men and politics gets in the way of abortion. First of all men don't go through half the things women go through. Our bodies are always changing and if we don't want to have a child we should be the ones to decide not a man. They don't have to go through nine months of being fat, and caring for another human being.
Still today many people frown upon abortion but I don't understand how they can be so narrow minded. My friend had to have an abortion and I never understood it until someone close to me had to make that decision. She had to tell her mom to help pay for it and she knew she disappointed her mom. However she and her mom knew this is the best thing if she wanted to make a career and start fresh. She was a college girl with 2 more years left, and she knew she wanted to finish school and do things the right way.
I think my friend was brave to go through what she did and the fact she knew she had made a mistake in college changed her.Abortion is a great thing for women, and we are lucky to have a choice in our bodies.

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