Saturday, July 17, 2010

Household work

I learned that 27 hours of house work each week is on average of what women do, compared to the 16 hours men do at home. When learning about women working at home it really made me think of the difference between my mom and my dad. Men do more seasonal work, like in the spring and summer with mowing the lawn, or painting the house. Women on the other hand year round have to clean, cook, do laundry, and keep up with greeting cards and family functions.
My dad right now is outside pressure washing our back deck, my mom right now is painting her bedroom. We just moved into a new beach house so the work being done right now will only have to be done once in the next 10 years. However I look at my mom and noticed she is going out finding new things to decorate this house with as well as going back to Va. to make sure our other house is clean and to check on my brother. Her mind is always thinking and she is always multi-tasking, whereas right now I can tell you my dad is listening to music and cleaning the deck, once that job is done he is going to expect my mom to make him lunch and probably grab a beer around 5 o'clock. My dad doesn't realize my mom is inside the house painting.
I never thought about how much women actually do in home, until I heard the statistic of house hold labor between male and female. And it is very true in my household that that amount of hours my mom puts in to house work compared to my dad. If only women got paid for house work!

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  1. I agree. I also looked at my mom and dad. My mom works very hard and sometimes doesn't come home until 8. Even though my Dad's been home since 5 or six, he doesn't really do a lot of the house work. He will help my mom out when the house gets bad, but it's not something he would normally do.