Saturday, June 19, 2010

What is a women

Reading "X: A fabulous Child's Story", really opened my eyes to how our society sees men and women, or boys and girls. That X child really had the best of both worlds. I found that in that story it was funny how the sales person at the toy store or clothes store couldn't help the family out because the child was neither a boy or girl.
In the U.S you walk into a toy stores and from a young age you see barbie dolls and pink and then in another section of the store you see the color blue, trucks and footballs. We have created this society that gender has to be male or female. If a girl plays with Lego's or trucks they are to masculine.
I feel our society is forcing us to be one or the other. I never really saw it that way till after listening to our lecture. You can even see it on tv with commericals they target women and men for different things. The media is a big cause of our gender problem, and once people see a certain thing a certain way its hard to change their mind or perspective.

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