Sunday, June 20, 2010

Feminist Theory

As mentioned in the lecture most women in the second wave were more liberal feminist. I think I would be apart of this liberal feminism because their theory seems to fit me as a women and what I believe. Women to this day are still unequal in the public eye. Most women are still below men in the work force. If you look at the women today they stand behind their men and watch them in the public eye. When I think of this the image of the wife standing behind her husband during an election or in other public events. When can we as women stand up in the public eye and be a leader.
Now I do believe the work force for women is changing. We see more women on ESPN then before and we see more women becoming car mechanics and wearing tool belts then ever. Time are defiantly changing for us women. But as women we are still stereotyped and if we work a job outside the home we need to go home and do more work like the cooking and cleaning.

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