Thursday, June 17, 2010

Understanding Women Studies vs Feminist

So I have decided that if I lived in the 1960's I would have been apart of the second wave of the feminist movement. That wave was all about commitment to personal change and commitment to social transformation. I am always questioning why I can't do certain things because I am a women.
For example when I was young, around the age of 11 my mom and dad did not let me ride my bike to 7-11 in the summer time for a slupee, but my brother who was 8 got to ride his bike to the 7-11 all the time. Was it because I was a girl? What about playing football? Why cant girls play football? The boys wear pads that fit their bodies, make pads that fit for girls?
The fact that I have all these questions I feel makes me somewhat of a feminist. I want to be treated equal just like my brother. As I mentioned earlier I would've been apart of this movement because if it wasn't for this movement us women still wouldn't have equal pay or opportunity.

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  1. I totally agree with you. Why can't you ride your bike whenever and wherever your brother did? I struggled with these same kind of questions when I was growing up with my twin brother. It would always infuriate me that he was given certain privileges that I was denied, and still to this day I recognize the differences in treatment when it comes to certain things. Since there is no changing your childhood, you just have to take those experiences as a constant reminder to be different if you ever decide to have a daughter.