Sunday, June 27, 2010

Second Wave Feminism

The feminine Mystique as mentioned in the lecture is more of a formal publication. Betty Friedan was very smart for getting a survey going of how women feel. It surprised me that the women magazines wouldn't even publish her essay because it turned away from the ideal female. That female was to be attractive find a husband, get married and create children. All women are suppose to be happy being a mother, and a spouse but what Betty Friedan found was many women were very unhappy.
I think in today's society women are much more different but once again we do have in the back of minds, find a husband, have children, and do the house wife thing. (Not saying for all of us) but our parents did it and they want grandkids, and it still is a cultural thing. Im from the south and its like a status thing to have a family and a job, if you don't its almost looked down upon or your life is not complete.

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  1. It all depends, of course, on your upbringing. While many women want to get married (some are getting married in high school, but that's a small amount) and have children, the drive to have a career is very important to women. While I may be a male, I have two sisters who want to make it in the world. Marriage is always something that a woman wants, as some also may want to marry for the money (this applies to men too). However, Betty Friedan's Feminine Mystique, to me, is a sort of "wake-up" call to women who want to break out of the norm of only being a housewife. Marriage is nice, but I know many women who first want to have a career and want to provide for themselves before tying the knot.